Campus Life

Institutional Best Practices

The College has implemented two best practices successfully.

1. Promotion of universal values among students.

In today’s world, where majority of the people are pursuing only self interests relentlessly, the institution recognises the need to inculcate universal values like promotion of truth, selflessness, righteousness etc. The value education cell of our college is working with this goal.

The value education cell inculcates among the students.

  • Harmonious development of body, mind and soul and promotion of universal values.
  • Cultivate inner calmness-a way to peace to help others
  • To preach and practice truthfulness.
  • To deal with academic and emotional stress by tapping their inner sources of strength.
  • To develop a positive attitude

2. Environment Consciousness

The use of plastic bags is avoided in the campus and the authority is planning to declare the entire campus as “No Plastic Zone”.

  • Students and staff are motivated to use jute bags or cotton bags
  • The students and faculty have planted several tree saplings during various tree plantation programmes organized by the institution through the NCC, NSS and all these trees are taken care of and maintained by the gardeners of the institution.
  • Care is taken to ensure that the college environment has low levels of carbon emission and low pollution levels so that the campus is healthy for all.