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principal message

Welcome to the Web portal of Maharana Pratap National College, Mullana. The College thrives on the ideals and principles of Maharana Pratap, the courageous and brave Indian warrior king who has been inspiring us lead our lives with self-sufficiency, dignity, valour, pride, sacrifice and self-esteem. His principles of leading a self-sufficient, self-reliant and independent life have become more relevant in the present context as there is an immediate urgency for accomplishing all these skills in the present times. I express my deep gratitude towards the Managing Committee of Maharana Pratap National College, Mullana for presenting me the opportunity to serve this institution of learning, in particular and society, in general. I shall always attempt to evolve the culture of taking all my teaching fraternity, supporting staff and students together to accomplish our targeted goals towards the betterment of the institution. I am pledged to create an atmosphere of positivity, empathy, diligence and integrity in the campus. 

At M.P.N. College. Mullana, we sincerely feel that each student is special and can shine in his/her specific chosen filed. Keeping this dictum at the heart of all our academic endeavours, we keep our teaching pedagogy interactive and student-centric so as to bring the best out of our young learners. Though we impart education within the constraints of formal education system yet we propel our students to gain learnings of life through a variety of productive academic, cultural and co-curricular engagements.

We are conscious of the fact that we owe a pivotal responsibility of building our nation through cultivating our youth into sensible, self-sufficient and socially responsible citizens. Once you connect with us, our faculty will impart you the knowledge, skills and training which are earnestly required to sustain in the new millennium. Our caring and learned faculty will turn into your mentor, guide, propeller and a friend to push your limits to enable you to explore your hidden talents and subsequently, achieve your goals.

I am quite hopeful that after leaving your alma meter, you will treasure your time at M.P.N. College, Mullana which lent you a support-system to turn your dreams into reality.

Let us together accomplish our academic endeavour.