About Us

historical perspective

Maharana Pratap National College, Mullana, was established by Thakur Rattan Singh, a renowned social worker and visionary who believed in the welfare of the poor people. Inspired by his vision and great zeal to serve the masses, the people of Mullana donated a huge piece of approximately 85 acres of land for establishing the college. Built on that piece of land, this temple of learning has become a unique example of the cooperation, love and moral support of the local people.

The college, since years, has been on the march with the noble aim of providing physical, intellectual and moral education and for the development of the personality of the students, apart from imparting them general education. The college is dedicated to the bright future of the students belonging to all sections of the society particularly the poor peasants, laborers of all castes and creeds.

Initially, the college was started as Girls College and later, during the year1983, it got its affiliation from Kurukshetra University as co-educational college. In a way, it was also affiliated to the U.G.C. under the scheme 12 B2 (F) in March. 1992. Apart from B.A. and B.Com, the college also has post graduation in M.A. History and M.A. Sanskrit.

The college has all the facilities for the students, a huge play ground for the games like Hockey, Football, Cricket and Tennis, a well maintained library with more than 12,000 books and journals and encyclopedias, reference books and periodicals. For the all round development of the students, there is a strong emphasis on the co-curricular activities like Music, Dance, Acting and Creative Writing. Students actively participate in Youth Festivals and other Cultural Competitions held from time to time. They actively do commendable service in Adult Education through NSS Camps;  participating in national activities through NCC is a routine matter.

The college has a well equipped Computer Lab with latest computers where computer education has been made compulsory for all. For the socially and economically weaker students, there is a special provision for remedial courses funded by the UGC. The college has a canteen for the students for their refreshment. Last but not the least, the college has well educated and qualified faculty members who are totally committed to the cause of education.

The College is named after Maharana Pratap, a courageous warrior and inventive strategist who successfully fought against the Mughals and safeguarded his people until his death. He was also the symbol of Patriotism, dedication, honour, bravery and truth. The college is thus, committed to inculcating such higher values in its students so that they become faithful to the nation in delivering social and moral responsibilities.

India has a great cultural heritage and the students are inspired mentally, spiritually and intellectually by the teachings of the great personalities like Maharana Pratap, Vir Shivaji, Rani Luxmi Bai, Subhash Chander Bose, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi and all others who fought against injustice exploitation and genocidal crimes. The students being the backbone of the nation, the college is committed to provide them education which makes them honest and hard working so that they achieve success in life with sound moral character with the inspiration of the noble and brave leaders of the past.

The aims and objectives of the Institution, as such, are to make the students aware of their great culture and civilization and provide updated knowledge, making them self-dependent, successful and ideal citizens as great nations are always built on the foundations of strong moral character This rural college has been striving hard to dispel the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance of the area. It is our cherished aim and dream that every inhabitant of the area is illumined with knowledge.