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The Department of English has formulated a literary society for the enthusiasts of English literature. The initiative has a twin objective. The English Literary Society not only aspires to invoke interest of the students towards English language and literature but also aims to offer a platform to English Literature enthusiasts for polishing their skills towards the language and its usage. The society conducts a variety of literary activities in the campus throughout the year.



To raise confidence of our students to use English in an effective way and to acquire the necessary skills of the language.  




To raise the confidence.

To polish effective communication skills.

To arouse literary acumen.

To learn business English which is useful in business environment.

In-Charge: Dr. Shelly Mannan

The students of English Literature are the office bearers and members of this society.


With an objective to arouse interest in poetry amongst students, the English Literary Society conducted an Inter-Departmental Poetry Recitation Competition on March 22, 2023.

With an aim to enhance Business Communication, the society conducted a Job-Application Writing Workshop during April 19-21, 2023.