National Cadet Corps in India was conceptualized and raised before independence, mainly with an aim to groom the youth, boys and girls both, to nurture them and channelize their energy towards nation building by making them responsible citizens. The NCC is a voluntary organization which is administered through the Ministry of Defence. The Defence Secretary is overall in charge, who is responsible to the Govt of India for efficient functioning of the NCC and other matters. After independence, the present day NCC came into existence on 16 Apr 1948, through XXXI Act of Parliament. NCC was formally inaugurated on 15 Jul 1948. The Girls Division of the NCC was raised in Jul 1949. On 01 Apr 1950, Air Wing was raised, with one Air Squadron each at Bombay and Kolkata. The Naval Wing of the NCC was raised in Jul 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corps.

Maharana Pratap National College has two units SW (Senior Wing) & SD (Senior Division), supervised by 1 HR BN NCC, Ambala Cantt and 2 HR BN NCC, Ambala Cantt respectively. Dr. Ekta Anand is incharge of SW & Dr. Vijay Chauhan is incharge of SD. Both units includes 53 cadets each.

NCC regularly organizes annual summer training camps. Other activities include mountaineering courses, firing/shooting competitions, etc. B and C Certificate Examinations are conducted at the end of the second and third year of NCC training, respectively. The cadets are selected on the basis of high sense of duty, discipline.