Departments of Sanskrit of  MPN College, Mullana, G N Khalsa College, Yamuna Nagar, RKSD College, Kaithal, Kanya Mahavidyaalaya, Jalandhar, GMN College, Ambala Cantt, S D College, Ambala Cantt, organized national webinar on the occasion of *Birth Anniversary* of Great Poet, Philosopher, literary Critique, Mystic, Practitioner cum Knower of Tantra - Aagam Tradition, Musician *Mahaa- Maheshwaracharya AbhinavaGupta* on Date - *19th June, 2021, on the topic - * Acharya Abhinavagupta's stotra - philosophy and beauty of literature* *Philosophy & Aesthetics of Stotra-Saahitya of of Aacharya AbhinavaGupta* in which 76 participants shared their views. *Prof.(Dr.) Beena Aggarwal, Former Head, Dept of Skt, Univ of Rajasthan, Jaipur & Prof (Dr.) Ramakant Angiras, Former Prof of KAlidas Chair, Dept of Skt , Punjab University, Chandigarh* were the  the resource persons who gave a scholarly discourse on the various aspects of the topic which was followed by question answer session. *Dr C K Jha conducted the seminar and Dr Rajshree, Principal* introduced the speakers and gave a brief overview of the topic. After the question answer session *Sh Sunil Raina Rajanak & Dr Rajendra* of GMN College proposed the vote of thanx.

You can watch the proceeding on the *Youtube link* given below-



Ashutosh Angiras

*Dr. C K Jha,* Head, PG dept of Skt, MPN College, Mullana. 

*Prof. Loveleen Grover*, Head, Dept of  Skt, G N Khalsa College, Yamuna Nagar, 

*Dr. Vinay Singhal,* Head, dept of Skt, RKSD College, Kaithal.

*Dr Neeraj*, Head, Dept of Skt, KAnya MAhavidyaalaya, Jalandhar,

*Dr Rajendra,* Head, Dept of Skt, GMN College, Ambala Cantt 

*Dr. Rajshree Khare, Principal, MPN College, Mullana.*